Max Siegel speaks at events and conferences across the nation, entertaining and educating audiences at The Notre Dame Law School, NASCAR, Hershey, the NFL, USA Swimming, PGA and more. With a powerful story, an expansive past in business successes, and knowledge sought by many, Max truly knows who to captivate and motivate any audience.


• Bounce Back from Mistakes: Remember Who You Are and Where You Come From
• You Don’t Need A Master Plan: Building the Cycle of Success in Business and in Life


• Why Should They Work With Me? Move Almost Anyone to Be Part of Your Success
• Overcoming Adversity
• Corporate Turn Arounds
• Changing Organizational Culture
• Be a Change Agent


• Managing a Professional Sports Franchise
• How to be Successful in the Business Of Sport


• The New Secret to Growth: Diversity
• About My Father’s Business: Merging Business and Faith


• Know What Makes Them Tick: How to Successfully Negotiate in most any Situation
• An Old-School Guide to the New Social Networking
• Corporate Sponsorships, Media & Celebrity: The Value of Intellectual Property
• The Anatomy of Sponsorship Deals


• Diversity Initiatives and Alignment
• How diversity can add growth and visibility for your organization

For more information on having Max speak at your next event, please contact info@maxsiegelinc.com.

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